r/AskReddit Dec 01 '17

Announcing a very special contest... Modpost

January 15, 2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of the AskReddit community and we wanted to do something special to commemorate the event. So, we are having a contest to design an official AskReddit 10th Anniversary t-shirt that will be available for you to purchase, with all of the proceeds going directly to charity. We will keep this contest open from now until December 29th and we will pick the design we feel best represents the spirit of the sub, similar to how we did for our mobile design contest last year. The best designs will receive reddit gold courtesy of generous admins (thanks /u/woodpaneled!) and we will gift a t-shirt to the creator of the winning design.

Following the contest we will have another post with a list of charities for you to vote on to decide where the money raised will be going. The idea is to have a t-shirt to celebrate the community, created by the community, with all the proceeds going to a charity chosen by the community. We are aiming to have the t-shirt available for purchase on the day of our anniversary, January 15th.

After doing some research and speaking with other moderators that have run their own charity t-shirt events, we have decided to go with CustomInk to print the shirts. One of the big reasons we chose them is because of their "Verified Charity" option that allows all the proceeds to go directly to the charity we choose instead of going through us. That means that none of the money will touch our hands and CustomInk will ensure the money raised goes directly to the charity. CustomInk also had some of the best numbers to ensure that the charity gets the most. We will be keeping you updated on how much exactly, but here is an estimation of the profits for selling just 50 shirts to give you an idea.

A few guidelines:

  • Please no NSFW designs (sorry that means no cumboxes)
  • Please keep designs limited to one side (either front or back)
  • Please have the images be as high resolution as possible and note the maximum file size is 10MB. These are the accepted file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .pdf, .ai and .psd
  • Please avoid using anything that is trademarked, except for Snoo. We will work with the admins to get permission for the final design.

Please use this thread to submit your designs and also feel free to ask any other questions you have. We look forward to seeing all your designs and to working together as a community for this event!

-The AskReddit moderators


u/limeyptwo Dec 12 '17

How about this?

u/nn44ss Dec 15 '17

My entry - Simple but clean

u/CasnoGaming Dec 17 '17

Is the way that you're making me feel tonight. It's hard to let it go

u/FishInferno Dec 01 '17

Yesterday I had problems; today my life is grand.

u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17


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u/scissorballlllss Dec 02 '17

TIL that reddit and I share the same birthday, just 5 years apart

u/whomstdboi Dec 02 '17

So are you 15 or 5

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u/Cheesysock5 Dec 06 '17

Maybe it's just me, but can we just have a long-sleeved t-shirt too? And also have the design be something you wouldn't be embarrassed wearing outside? Those are the 2 biggest problems I have with merchandise as a whole

u/rasiisar Dec 20 '17

Back of the t shirt design? if someone is better at this go ahead and redo with more skilz

u/swisspower1997 Dec 15 '17

T-Shirt with a Snoo that says: What is the best way to design a T-Shirt?

u/shadowalien13 Dec 29 '17

And he has casts on his arms.

u/KikiPolaski Dec 13 '17

Took a few hours to make this, but I guess it's my gift to you wonderful people for all the joy you've given me. It's the least I could do, really. https://imgur.com/a/Pi6ly

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u/RhusPeg Dec 07 '17

Have one with a load of popular meme's created by reddit, like one a year!

u/FurryPornAccount Dec 01 '17

👈😎👈 zoop

u/jb2386 Dec 01 '17

Something something peanut butter and graham crackers.

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u/IVIagicbanana Dec 01 '17

👉😎👉 zoop

u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17

Something like this, perhaps? link

u/I_am_very_rude Dec 01 '17

I will never buy a shirt that has emojis on it.

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u/SeahorseScorpio Dec 01 '17 edited Dec 01 '17

Well, I was going to ask if you could ensure that only international charities were on the list but I see the same 'America only' theme is occuring with this as per usual Reddit standards.

"International Delivery

Custom Ink does not ship outside of the United States or Canada unless the address is an Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO). We will be more than happy to work with you if you are able to obtain an address in one of these locations.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

Way to ignore a good chunk of you userbase.

u/-eDgAR- Dec 01 '17

The charities we are going to choose aren't going be just charities that are for causes related to the U.S. I really wish we could have had a place that could do everything, but unfortunately the ones that could do international shipping did not have the verified fundraiser options and it is very important to use that everyone knows their money is not going to us.

u/SeahorseScorpio Dec 01 '17

Thank you for the reply. It will be good to see a charity that helps not just the US but others.

I appreciate you are doing the safest option regarding the money. It's still disappointing for those of us outside the US though.

Maybe next time you could acknowledge the situation in your original post?

u/-eDgAR- Dec 02 '17

I will definitely make a note of that in the post for the shirt. I'm going to be looking into a previous option we had again that did provide international shipping and a verified option. The main problem with that was many complaints from others that have used them for their charity shirts and the lack of communication. They would take down shirts even though they have been approved and taking weeks to get back to them. We were hoping to avoid that happening for something as big as this, but I am also going to be in talks with the admins about getting a design approved if does use Snoo so that we have permission and won't be taken down. The good thing is this is still the early phase and we still have over a month before it gets to the point that we have the shirts up. I will be addressing this in the next posts and hopefully I will have some great news for people outside of the U.S.

u/SeahorseScorpio Dec 02 '17

Thanks! Really appreciate you talking the time to discuss with me. It sounds like you have picked the right company so I probably wouldn't change it but putting something in the next message to advise would be good.

u/-eDgAR- Dec 02 '17

Of course! Thank you for taking the time to voice these concerns. I really wish there was an easy way for everyone to be happy, kind of wish redditmade was still a thing then we could go through reddit instead of some other company.

u/galactic-cactus Dec 24 '17 edited Dec 24 '17

Perhaps the mods could receive the shirts in bulk and charge an additional shipping fee for international folks and mail them out? Maybe limit the orders or something? I'd volunteer (and give you my real life details if you wanted) but I fully expect it's something you guys want handled by the official staff. (My alt-account has been on Reddit waaaaay longer too but I just post on a single game sub and my RL friends knew it so I wanted this one for freeeeeedom~)

EDIT: Clarification... Receive the paid-for international people's shirts in bulk to them. Or individual but that means giving out your address to each buyer of, say, 200 folks. When I coordinated group buys in my old hobby we just all paid one person (often me or one other person because we were reliable) and took the payments to do X number of orders.

Closed it once it was enough we didn't want to be overwhelmed with shipping them out. When they arrived we just popped off items in bubble mailers and took a picture of the projected international price from USPS's site. Since people already paid for their item we weren't out anything if they flaked on paying us to mail it. Once they paid, mail drop and sent.

u/-eDgAR- Dec 24 '17

I thought about this too, but it turns out they do have international shipping when it comes to fundraiser shirts

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u/ntslade Dec 01 '17

Redditors who have had sex, what is the sexiest sex you've ever sexed?

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u/[deleted] Dec 12 '17

Black shirt with white text that reads [deleted]

u/gameratwork666 Dec 06 '17

I hope the ASPCA or some animal charity wins. Or perhaps a veterens charity.

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u/Nihi99 Dec 17 '17

u/shadowalien13 Dec 29 '17

"Stories, advice, experiences, memes"

Or instead of memes just write broken arms underneath

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u/MacduffFifesNo1Thane Dec 01 '17

“Don’t worry. I won a contest.” -George Costanza

u/[deleted] Dec 20 '17


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u/GameCubeLube Dec 29 '17

Could there be a program written where you make a purchase and get a random ask Reddit question added to a shirt and then the top up voted comment gets added as well? the buyer can only choose if it's NSFW or not, but each shirt would be individualized.

u/Zpineapple Dec 03 '17

Might be.

u/djpro95 Dec 03 '17

Can someone make a round table of Snoo's with a collective dialogue bubble hanging over them with a big question mark in it? I'm shit with PS and drawing in general.

u/[deleted] Dec 09 '17

I Reckon the "opinions are like arseholes" motto would be brilliant!

u/LucianoThePig Dec 01 '17 Gold

My birthday is January 15th. Pretty neat that I share my birthday with AskReddit

u/ethanfez45 Dec 01 '17

Happy birthday!

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u/Utkar22 Dec 01 '17


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u/MacDerfus Dec 10 '17

If someone can illusrrate NOT A COMPUTER PERSON, I'll buy it

u/Preguisa Dec 05 '17

What do you think about this?

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u/ICantThinkOfNameHelp Dec 01 '17

Can't believe this sub is going double digits. They grow up so fast...

u/[deleted] Dec 28 '17 edited Sep 10 '20


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u/Nomedaddy Dec 01 '17

I would draw something up, but the only things worth drawing involves cumboxes.

u/[deleted] Dec 20 '17 edited Jan 18 '19


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u/BearBreastBaller Dec 09 '17

Went with something simple, any feedback on it?


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u/chaseshak Dec 03 '17

Can we suggest charities or is the list already finalized?

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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17

10 years later and we're still asking questions.

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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17

Edit: Wow this blew up!

u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17

RIP inbox

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u/fncyy Dec 07 '17

Cant believe my top rated comment is about mocking top rated comment comments

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u/Withthisaccountican Dec 15 '17

"Ask me about the swamps of dogobah"

u/SalemScout Dec 01 '17

I am so bored at work, but this is all I could come up with.

I love AskReddit, I feel like I had to contribute.

u/kaaaaath Dec 04 '17

I 100% would buy this.

u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17

I mostly just like the "You asked, we answered. You're welcome?"

I feel like that question mark really conveys the AskReddit experience

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u/Amaze-balls-trippen Dec 01 '17

How do you enter? This post? I have a pic of my entry

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u/jstaylor01 Dec 01 '17

I am not a designer but I have a great idea for a slogan if someone wants to team up...." Ask Reddit: where internet lists are made "

u/angruss Dec 24 '17

Ask Reddit: Buzzfeed's Gritty Origin Story

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u/BluDraco123 Dec 18 '17

Here's my submission! It's pretty simple, but I hope it's effective.


u/AlexCarlin Dec 01 '17

A shirt with a decoy snail please

u/ami2weird4u Dec 01 '17

Ask Reddit: Asking questions that have already been asked.

u/Biggymacsauce Dec 16 '17

heres a quick mockup I did, needs refinement but wanted to see what your guys thoughts were first! https://imgur.com/a/sPcAW

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u/digitalvagrant Dec 19 '17

Here is one more...the (almost) perfect 10

u/Corn-G Dec 01 '17

It should be a t-shirt with the moderators message when you forget to add the "?" to your post. God knows we've all done that at least once.

u/[deleted] Dec 14 '17

For questions not even Google can answer, AskReddit

u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17

Just a shirt that says "Edit: thanks for gold"

u/lnig0Montoya Dec 01 '17

Wow! I can’t believe my top comment is a t-shirt!

u/DrMobius0 Dec 01 '17

I can't believe it's not butter

u/challam Dec 01 '17

Friday laugh: check! Thanks.

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u/CapnBludd Dec 20 '17

So, I do not have a computer to design it, just a phone, but as soon as I read this an image popped into my mind.

The logo would look similar to AskJeeves, saying askreddit. Where the character Jeeves would be, are a group of Reddit robots. A few different colors, maybe one has a douchebag hat on, to represent the trolls.

Just a thought. If anybody has the capacity to, and makes this, it would make my day.

u/UnholyDemigod Dec 02 '17

Plain white with black text saying “ass credit”

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u/[deleted] Dec 02 '17 edited Dec 04 '17


u/Therealslimshamop Dec 02 '17

This is good I like this one

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u/LemonadeFanatic604 Dec 02 '17

I really hope the Rice post gets involved in this. I'd make a clever joke here, but I have none. XD

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u/patchchili Dec 09 '17

This subject seems to be harder than is should be, but why is the race label being thrown around to non race groups? Sexual orientation is not a race. Muslim is not a race. Christian is my a race. Mexican is not a race... It goes on and on. However these groups cry racism, seems to dilute real racism.

u/Zedther Dec 05 '17

Here's a draft of my design https://i.imgur.com/jsNk5Ei.png I'd like to know what you guys think. Should I keep going and produce a final design?

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u/I_am_very_rude Dec 01 '17

I have a great T-shirt design!

So, in the middle have a design of snoo and it will be in advice animal format with text above and below him.

The top will say "Ask me all about how"

and the bottom will say "We're going to be the next Facebook!"

u/Commando388 Dec 01 '17

How about just the Askreddit logo medium size on the front? Maybe with “ten years of thought provoking questions” above or below it

u/the_incredible_hawk Dec 01 '17

But we're not here for thought-provoking questions, we're here for the cumboxes.

u/Commando388 Dec 01 '17

It can be sarcastic

u/AdamBombTV Dec 01 '17 edited Dec 01 '17

Ten years of "thought provoking" questions

EDIT: See, the quote marks make it appear that you're being disingenuous about the provoking nature of the the questions

u/Zeeso Dec 01 '17

Ten years of thought provoking questions /s

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u/catcatcatcaty Dec 02 '17

What's a potato?

Tastes strange.

u/AlM96 Dec 03 '17

I think that belongs on r/tifu

u/SlykeZentharin Dec 03 '17

u/neuroticandobscene Dec 09 '17

It be funnier if the username was PM_Me_Your_Boobs

u/gridzbispudvetch Dec 03 '17

This is beautiful

u/alexozer Dec 22 '17

Really great one, honestly

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u/Fuck_Im_Gay Dec 04 '17

/r/Askreddit 10 years of the same four questions.

u/ss-dreamz Dec 19 '17

WhAt ArE tHiNgS mEn Do ThEy DoN't KnOw iS hOt?¿?¿?

u/RandomChildOfReddit Dec 01 '17

Should entries be as an image which will be printed onto the t-shirt or as the design on a mock - up t-shirt

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u/FamousOhioAppleHorn Dec 07 '17

"Please no NSFW designs (sorry that means no cumboxes)"

So it's technically not breaking the rules if my entry is "Yo ho ho and a barrel of cum."

u/[deleted] Dec 03 '17

u/Boatsmhoes Dec 12 '17

Is there a sexy shirt contest too?

u/petit_bleu Dec 14 '17

Here's a variation on the rice idea that's a little more streamlined. You could also make the snoo look like a dumpling/piece of sushi, etc.

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u/arsenalav Dec 02 '17

A pun would be great 👍🏻

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u/Oatz3 Dec 01 '17 edited Dec 03 '17


Shirt: 6/10

Shirt with Rice: 8/10

Thank you for your suggestion.


Thank you for your suggestion.

u/ZooBitch Dec 03 '17

It has to be all on one side of the shirt.

u/overwhelmily Dec 03 '17

This. Yes. I dig it.

But like + snoo, cause snoo is important!

Also mods said only front OR back not both, which is super unfortunate considering how much I like this idea :(

u/0224alex Dec 18 '17

Yeah something like:

Shirt: 6/10

Shirt with rice: 8/10

Shirt with snoo: 10/10

u/Oatz3 so he/she can see.

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/r/AskReddit: Where Carbon Monoxide is as Good as Gold...”

u/JessahZombie Jan 12 '18

Text; What is a potato ?

Underneath a drawn potato surrounded by question marks. On the back of the shirt the text; Ask Reddit !

u/JonSnowInTheTardis Dec 11 '17

u/Amory_Steel Dec 24 '17

Can you give me the source of this reference? Have heard it here and there but never read the original story.

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u/-Spy Dec 13 '17 edited Jan 02 '18 Gold

My Submission

Mock-up on a long sleeved T-shirt

A nice minimalist design, feel free to comment or PM me if you want any stories included in the design.

I'll try to incorporate some if I can.

EDIT: Peep this B

T-Shirt 2: Electric Boogaloo


EDIT: Now with 100% more ZOOP

T-Shirt 3: Zooptopia

u/MythOfLight Dec 13 '17

This is actually really, really good. Nice and subtle too. What's the 30 MPH refer to?

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u/FuckYouAjitPai Dec 26 '17

I would buy this. I hope you win.

u/Ihrtbrrrtos Dec 26 '17

I love the streetlamp le moose reference!!

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u/wheresthemilkshakes Dec 01 '17

2008 was almost 10 years ago? Shit....

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u/Subbacterium Dec 05 '17

It would be great if the highest upvoted design in this sub won.

u/[deleted] Dec 04 '17 Gold

https://i.imgur.com/XIMxwQ1.jpg Snoos ya lose

https://i.imgur.com/e1lXeml.jpg cute derpy snoo

https://i.imgur.com/aQEYD0a.jpg takin' a ride on the gold train.. snoo snooooo

u/[deleted] Dec 10 '17

Oh my gosh. I love the "cute derpy snoo" design!!

u/AstridDragon Dec 04 '17

OH MY GOD Derpy Snoo <3

u/aRandomUserame Dec 15 '17

By far my favorite so far

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u/digitalvagrant Dec 19 '17

your day job wouldn't happen to be illustrating Hallmark cards, would it? ;)

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u/mynamesnotmolly Dec 01 '17

Ok this is my second submission because I remembered the snail exists.


u/fantastiquemai Dec 13 '17

10/10 would wear

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u/p0yo Dec 14 '17 Gold

Here's my submission!

There's a "Hey Askreddit!" in the top left corner. You can't see it in the first image, but on the t-shirts it's visible.

Tell me what you think about it!

u/doomer11 Dec 19 '17

This is really nice! I love it.

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u/maevelynn17 Dec 21 '17

Love this id wear this

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u/mj371 Dec 01 '17

Well darn if only I had any artistic talent

u/DrHootes Dec 02 '17

An Obama "Change" style poster with Victoria's face and the word "Quality".

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u/kismetdani Dec 02 '17

could do a drawing of a peanut butter and graham cracker sandwich. fun fact, my dad actually invented those...

u/littleorphananney Dec 02 '17

do you have a sibling? I think they commented above...

u/[deleted] Dec 22 '17

u/[deleted] Dec 03 '17

A tshirt with the same question being reported all over it.

u/IAmPuzzlr Dec 03 '17

How's this? I think it's a good catchphrase.

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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17

Hmm. Interesting. Sadly though I have no creative talent aside from writing, but I'm looking forward to seeing what people can create.

u/janlancer Dec 12 '17

u/brochmann Dec 14 '17

This is definetly the nicest looking one

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u/lettuce_rejoice Dec 15 '17

Here is my simple design! https://imgur.com/94HQGYs

u/[deleted] Dec 18 '17


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u/janlancer Dec 15 '17

2nd entry. Inspired by the most memorable post for me.



with text

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u/IAmCharlesAndrews Dec 01 '17

"I'm wearing a t-shirt. AMA!", with Snoo.

Short, sweet and simple.

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u/xXerisx Dec 01 '17

Enter Askreddit, looking for answers. Leave Askreddit, questioning life choices.

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u/Sazazezer Dec 15 '17

Today i learned that the little reddit guy is called Snoo. Amazed that hasn't come up yet.

u/digitalvagrant Dec 19 '17

time travelling aliens with no hands and no pants have a tendency to get noticed

u/Schleckenmiester Dec 07 '17

This is my first submission. Kind of a combination of what AskReddit is all about. I wanna make one with a bunch of popular answers too. And then see if I can make a combo of the two.

u/betta-believe-it Dec 10 '17

I like it without the red question bubble.

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u/Phantoful Dec 13 '17

r/circlejerk should be in charge of the T-shirt designing, they literally study this sub and can predict every annoying reference that could be on the final design

u/UncertainAnswer Dec 02 '17

[Serious] Handicapped Veteran Teachers - what are your favorite things to do in Bali?

u/ReaperOfFlowers Dec 01 '17

So if I understand correctly, only the winning entry will be sold as a shirt? Any chance that some of the runners-up will also be available?

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u/OnlyOne_X_Chromosome Dec 10 '17

Front: "KARMA..." at the top and Snoo at the bottom. Back Says: Ask and you shall receive.

u/mads_HP Dec 03 '17

Here's my entry! Idk how I fell about it though... oh well.


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u/quirkyaesthetics Dec 14 '17

this comment: 2/10
this comment with rice: 10/10

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u/Jebime Dec 07 '17

I have idea, I dont know how to make this on phone.

Pick top 10 or 5 posts from 2017 and slap that shit on.

u/[deleted] Jan 06 '18

Here's my epic design: https://i.imgur.com/RSdoVnY.jpg

u/JDogg_of_RS Dec 01 '17

This is wicked! How much will the shirts be?

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u/Qubeye Dec 24 '17

I will upvote with all my will if someone can make this:

Meme where the guy looks shocked, then raises a hand and opens his mouth, then closes his mouth and looks defeated.

Take meme, remake with Snoovatar instead, last panel is him clicking an upvote.

I'd be willing to add, since it's AskReddit, that under it, "If you have to ask, /r/AskReddit " or something like that.

u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17

My Design

I tried to go for the simplistic style, as a lot of comments in this thread seem weary on wearing a blatantly "Reddit" T-Shirt in public.

u/Rapier_and_Pwnard Dec 19 '17

Weary means tired. Wary means cautious.

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u/CosmicMemer Dec 01 '17

comments being added so fast nobody will see I'm gay

u/RandomName01 Dec 12 '17

About that...

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u/cate_is_kill Dec 01 '17

Do you feel sense of accomplishment after buying this shirt

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