r/AskReddit Jan 01 '18

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Please vote for the AskReddit 10th Anniversary T-shirt design

Hi everyone!

To kick off 2018, we would like for you to vote on the final design to be used on the AskReddit 10th Anniversary T-shirt. We had a lot of great designs in out design contest post, thank you so much to everyone that contributed! We have settled on these final designs and we would like for you to vote for which one you would like to be the final one. This post will remain locked to keep it strictly about the voting, but if you would like to discuss the designs or ask questions, head on over to this post for all of that. This post will remain up for a week and following this we will kick off the voting for which charity the proceeds will be going to and on January 15th, the day of our anniversary, we aim to have the shirts up for you to purchase them.

Best of luck to all the designs

-AskReddit Moderators

Edit: Just to clarify, this is the vote thread.and you vote by upvoting the comment with the design you like the best.