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How big of a red flag is supporting Andrew Tate


I'm currently in a 'situationship' with a guy I had a massive crush on a few years ago, who finally reached out to me. When going through who he followed on instagram, I noticed he was following a lot of Andrew Tate pages. When I confronted him about it, and asked if he supported him, he said yes, because Tate was teaching him to be an 'alpha.' This immediately threw me off, but I've known this guy for a few years and I don't want to throw it away over something like this. When I tried to talk more about it, he told me to drop it and not to worry about it, which obviously rang a lot of warning bells in my head. I'm keeping him at arms length for now, but he's moving back to town in a few weeks and I'm concerned for both myself and him, since the area I live in is filled with negative people that would just cement his thinking. Should I just drop him? This opportunity is genuinely a dream come true for me, but he's shown way too many red flags so far that it feels kinda hopeless.

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Am I childish for buying a bug net with my own money?


So, it was my birthday (19F) a few days ago, and my aunt and grandma gave me some money as a gift, and well, this was perfet for me because since forever I've been wanting a bug net as to catch pigeons, since in my city a lot of them have plastic or rope tied to their legs, wings, or body, making it hard for them to walk and/or fly.

And so, today I prepped my net, got some scissors, some gloves, alcohol wipes, all that stuff. But then, my mom stopped me, asking why I was carrying that "stupid thing" to University. She called me all sorts of names, childish, clown, that kind of stuff, she said it was if I was asking to be bullied, and that I should use my money for actual things that serve a real purpose, and to stop being so inmature, that I am 19 years old, and that I have to stop acting like a child.

Am I being inmature?

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Answered My friends best friend was found dead. What do I even say?


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Why don't rich people have fat kids?


I'm in my second year working seasonally at a private beach in a wealthy area. And I haven't seen a single fat or even slightly chubby kid the whole time.

But if you go to the public pool or beach you see a lot of overweight kids. What's going on?

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Unanswered Should America implement a max age to run for president?


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Why does the CGI from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise still look so good 15-20 years later and in some cases better than modern CGI?


What were the specific techniques/technology that were used to make it look so great?

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In the U.S. we have laws that protect whistleblowers, yet when someone exposes wrong doing by the U.S. government, as Edward Snowden did, they are forced to flee the country to avoid life in prison. How're we ever supposed to expose injustice perpetrated by the U.S. government?


It's all a bit authoritarian, is it not? It feels more like its revenge for exposing their wrong doing than any sort of "justice." If the government throws a top secret label on some particular thing they're doing, then they're now not accountable for any of their actions?

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What name comes to mind when you think ‘ why the fuck would you name your child that?’


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Why does it seem like most people on Reddit have had horrible life experiences?


I don’t know if I worded my title correctly but it just feels like almost everyone on Reddit has a life full of drama. It seems like every post and everyone in the comments has trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc. Toxic family, toxic friends, toxic relationships, so much toxicity. I understand that there are billions of people on this earth and it’s a given that many of them will have gone through horrible things, but why are so many of them on Reddit?

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Dad's of Reddit - at what point did your sneezes get ridiculously loud and can you explain why they got loud?


My dad’s sneezes sound like a martial artist attempting to punch through a brick.

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How/Why did it become the norm for women to wear less clothing than men?


I'm talking not only about casual clothing everyone's free to choose to wear, but official outfits people are obliged to wear as well, such as school/work/military uniforms. Well, especially those.

In many cases regarding uniforms, the woman counterpart of a given uniform usually has less garment than the man version. Mostly that if the man has long pants, the woman has knee-length skirt. Other examples may include long pants vs shorts and/or long sleeves vs. short sleeves. Of course there are reverse cases such as Islamic schools where women wear more clothing than men, but it's an exception.

I'm merely curious about this cultural phenomenon, how and why it came to be. Therefore I hope my question won't end up raising heated up debates over gender equality or such.

That is all. Best regards.

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What should a small town person be aware of when visiting a dense population for the first time?


I grew up in a small town. The largest city I've been in is around 50k population. I am going to Las Vegas with some friends in a couple months and I want to be prepared for everything.

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Answered Is it reasonable to ask my friend not to drink at 21st birthday party


Pretty much the same as the title but I'll explain a bit of my reasoning. I have this one friend who whenever they drink go way too far and get super drunk to the point where they cannot control their actions. They become very touchy and sleezy and say things that are just plain rude, demeaning and mean. I don't want to have to deal with it. This person also does not know when to stop drinking and will drink so much that they need to be taken to the E.R. to get their stomach pumped(edit:i was never at the parties where this had to happened and could easily be an exaggeration from unreliable storytellers and all i can say for certain is they have had to have overnight stays at the hospital). This has only happened a few times but a few to many in my opinion. I am usually the one who handles all of these things and manages this person so that they do not get to that point, but seeing as it is my 21st and I am planning on getting drunk for the 1st time, I would rather not have to deal with the issue entirely.

Is it reasonable to say that this person can come to the party but they are not allowed to drink and if they do they have to leave?

Edit: I have come to the conclusion that this situation would be better off if I just did not invite this person and tell them that the reason why is that they can not drink responsibly and turn into an asshole when they do drink. I am also going to try and get an intervention together and/or try to convince them to join AA as that is something that is needed.Thank you to all of those who have given me such wonderful advice.

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Unanswered Was what I said racist on any level?


A couple years ago I was in our schools robotics club. I’m not good with names so someone asked where someone was and to clarify who they were talking about I said “the big black guy right?” And I swear they all froze and stared at me for two seconds before something broke the awkward pause. I’ve had odd feelings about that incident even though it never resulted in anything as far as I’m aware. In my head big and black were two descriptors that were accurate and could only refer to one person in our group.

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Is it wrong of me to want a life with as little responsibilities as possible, especially kids?


If I could buy a house I can afford, make it look nice and also have a girlfriend who maybe could become my wife and a doge, I'd be content. 100%. I don't want kids. That's my main thing. I want to be able to do what I want when I want within the law without needing anyone's approval.

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Unanswered Why is the same whether phenomenon called a “hurricane” in the Atlantic and a “typhoon” in the Pacific?


I heard about a typhoon and thought “least it’s not a hurricane.”

Then iI learned that “hurricane” and “typhoon” refer to the same type of weather phenomenon but in different locations.

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Why aren't police officers required to maintain certain level of athleticism and weight maintenance?


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Why am I, as 28 yr old young professional, get tired so easily after sitting on desk 9-5 but all my about to retire coworkers sit much longer hours?


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Why do people always say "go to therapy" when most can't affort it and a lot of therapists are actually shit?


I get that they mean well but it's not always possible and it feels like a "default answer"

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How do I rid my inner monologue, how do I stop overthinking and how do I just empty my head?


I’m so sick and tired of the voice in my head. It stresses me out, it’s annoying and I just want there to be silence for once. I just want head empty.

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How long will it take for humanity to categorize and name every star in observable universe?


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How to exit a conversation politely when someone is talking to you nonstop without pause? - given you can’t physically leave the room.