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Little fish can overcome the greatest of odds with the right friends. Слава Україні. Political Cartoon

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u/xapollox_2953 Jan 25 '23

can't wait for more political debates on how countries are not this exact type of fish but should be the other


u/arvigeus Bulgaria Jan 25 '23 edited Jan 25 '23

There is a EU fish, but also fishes for some EU members. This means some countries are represented twice, while some are not. I object this unfair depiction!

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u/azaghal1988 Jan 25 '23

It makes sense though, since there is help by the EU (as an organization) financed by money from the EU-funds and aditionally most memberstates (only most because hungary exists and has a shitty government) give assistance by themselves.


u/RoyBeer Germany Jan 25 '23

Italy said they would be filing for reimbursement of what they paid from their own pocket by the EU, so there's that.


u/fedevi Italy Jan 25 '23

What? This is news to me, do you have a source?


u/RoyBeer Germany Jan 25 '23

I heard it in the radio and from what they said it's absolutely within their good right to do so as well. Something about european stability or security fund IIRC

It was said side by side to Italy having officially requested permission to give their leopard tanks to Ukraine.