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Little fish can overcome the greatest of odds with the right friends. Слава Україні. Political Cartoon

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u/SpaceShipRat Jan 25 '23

Anonymous as a pinchy crab is adorable.


u/tralltonetroll Jan 25 '23

I had to zoom in on that too.

But, honest question: what have "they" actually done around the last half year? Initially they launched a few neat pinches I see, https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/16/what-has-anonymous-done-to-russia-here-are-the-results-.html (had to look it up, so much has happened that I had totally forgotten). Quite soon also, intel agencies would happily publish "we know where you are and now the world also knows" en masse, information that would normally either be uncovered by someone clever or leaked underhand.


u/KayaPapaya808 Jan 25 '23

Maybe it’s more a reference to non-government organizations? For example Bellingcat was very active in the beginning to disprove Russia’s claims of Ukrainian terrorism being a pretense for the invasion. I think anonymous is just more recognizable.


u/tralltonetroll Jan 25 '23

Think you nailed & pinched it. NGOs could not stop the sharkey, but the generic (and nameless!) "annoying little pest adding insult to injury" is a good reference to NGOs doing as much as they could.

(Giving Putin crabs. Wishful pun intended.)


u/SpaceShipRat Jan 25 '23

Yeah, it's not really a "thing" anymore. Probably just hardcore nostalgics and feds.


u/Plastic-Ad9023 Jan 25 '23

Could it be Lukashenko? Tagging along for the ride but overall not as useful as Putin had hoped?


u/TarMil Rhône-Alpes (France) Jan 25 '23

That looks like a Guy Fawkes mask, for Anonymous.


u/TOW3L13 Slovakia Jan 25 '23

It's the V for Vendetta mask, most likely a reference to a hacker group Anonymous which cyber attacked some Russian media outlets as the war started.


u/Plastic-Ad9023 Jan 25 '23

Right! I see it now, thanks!