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Little fish can overcome the greatest of odds with the right friends. Слава Україні. Political Cartoon

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u/XenonBG 🇳🇱 🇷🇸 Jan 25 '23

They are also targeting the Serbian government lately. It's very enjoyable.


u/th3_3nd_15_n347 🇲🇰Macedonia🇲🇰 Jan 25 '23

you can't hack balkan systems . they are too outdated will not support the command sent by hacker

or they will crash


u/[deleted] Jan 25 '23

This is why Balkans have stronkest cyber security😎💪


u/MatijaReddit_CG Montenegro Jan 25 '23 edited Jan 25 '23

Most of our secret archives are probably written on paper so they can't hack us


u/randomname560 Galicia (Spain) Jan 25 '23



u/TotallyInOverMyHead Jan 25 '23

No ! Catholic standard operating procedure.


u/Arenalife Jan 25 '23

Once they update to XP we've got em


u/milutin_miki Serbia Jan 25 '23

I don't think that's really them, just someone pretending. Because AFAIK, everything that they've "leaked" from the Serbian government was public information, accessible through the official websites. And it's nothing important, just some invoices.


u/PirateNervous Germany Jan 25 '23

I dont think there is a "them". Its different hackers every time with no central organisation.


u/TheConnASSeur Jan 25 '23

People really struggle with groups like Anonymous that have no real leadership or even discernable structure. Antifa has similar issues.


u/wiener4hir3 Jan 25 '23

Anyone is an anonymous member if they say they are, that's more or less always been their whole shtick.


u/Drakenfar Jan 25 '23

Lol that's the best part. There never was a "them" and never will be. It's whoever does this stuff. They get to be "them" and that's the whole point. Even in the prime days of producing WikiLeaks the amount of organization was shoddy at best. But it works because no part of "them" could be caught and used to catch the rest. Just an army of ants spread over a field. Hand picking each one would be impossible.

As for efficacy, there's never any way to know how effective any breach has been because now days getting the information to the right people isn't just leaking it publicly or sending it to the media, you can drop it right in the government's lap after infiltrating and obtaining info.

If you think thousands of people with access to enough servers to perform successful DDoS attacks aren't getting something done, please see the recent event where one little cat just released the "No Fly" list by finding it just sitting in a freely accessible FTP server. No hacking required, basically just a nerdier version of Googling.

What we DO know is that sites in Russia have been compromised and flooded with information about what Russia is really doing and breaking the propaganda narrative and I believe if that's all "they" do, that's good enough.


u/Dinewiz Jan 25 '23

That sounds like them


u/milutin_miki Serbia Jan 25 '23

Really? Because anyone could've done it, just posted some statistic from the Statistics institute on mega.nz and shared the link on Twitter. Doesn't sound like hacking to me.


u/plomerosKTBFFH Jan 25 '23

It's a bit difficult with Anonymous cause it's not exactly an organized group, but a decentralized collective that anyone can be part of. So people doing those "leaks" you're talking about can say that they're doing it in the name of Anonymous and it's not that easy to say if that's right or wrong since there is no "official" Anonymous representative. Depending on who's behind the action it can be something very real and of relative importance, or it could be more or less exaggerated bullshit.


u/iUsedtoHadHerpes Jan 25 '23

Anonymous is anyone.


u/Dinewiz Jan 25 '23

That's kinda my point. Being a bit facetious but have they actually ever done anything with real consequences or outcomes?


u/PilgrimDuran Turkey Jan 25 '23

Boy, do I have some news for you


u/600_600 Serbia Jan 25 '23

Yeah, thats fake news, unfortunately they havent leaked anything that isnt accessible by a 10yr old with a toaster.


u/SlowToe1043 Bulgaria Jan 25 '23

And maybe the bulgarian government to in not really sure but I heard some hakers hacked it