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Little fish can overcome the greatest of odds with the right friends. Слава Україні. Political Cartoon

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u/lioudrome Jan 25 '23

Italy seems missing though


u/_daves_03 Italy Jan 25 '23

It’s fine, italy doesn’t exist for most Europeans


u/JustARandomFinn Finland Jan 25 '23

I'm sorry but what is an "Italy"? Never heard of it.


u/_daves_03 Italy Jan 25 '23

A boot shaped piece of land south of Germany and east of spain, yeah, up until a few weeks ago i too had never heard of it, AND I LIVE IN IT! crazy right?

It’s fair, nothing happens here anyway, nothing to see here


u/Flamin_Jesus Jan 25 '23

I like your guys' food.


u/send_me_a_naked_pic Italy Jan 25 '23

Food and history are the only good things in Italy. And maybe the industry, but those Germans stole some of our supercar companies


u/Flamin_Jesus Jan 25 '23

Food and history are the only good things in Italy.

There's worse things to have, I mean I despise what's going on with your government, but even so, if I can finagle my job to be 100% home office (currently at 80%), Italy is one of the places I'm looking at to buy a little house near a quiet bit of coast to live.

Also, all your car companies belong to US! BWAHAHAHAHA!


u/sildurin Jan 25 '23

I ate a french fries pizza while I was there. Interesting experience.


u/Caladan23 Bavaria (Germany) Jan 25 '23

Your culture & country is beautiful. <3 Greetings from Germany.


u/send_me_a_naked_pic Italy Jan 26 '23

Thank you <3 I also love Germany. I'm happy that we are united in the EU


u/LunchTwey Jan 25 '23

How's the fascist girlboss doing? I heard about the election and then literally nothing since.


u/_daves_03 Italy Jan 25 '23

The fascist thing was mostly foreign outcry from foreign press that doesn’t understand italian politics, but for now she hasn’t done much, just regular right wing incompetence and a slight pinch of populism, our governmental support for ukraine is as strong as ever though


u/LunchTwey Jan 25 '23

Yeah I really don't know any Italian politics, the only bit I heard was that her party was a direct decedent of Mussolini's party. Hopefully it stays this way and nothing horrible comes out of it.


u/_daves_03 Italy Jan 25 '23

It is technically the descendant of mussolini’s but she’s in a coalition and our constitution puts clear limits to what she can and can’t do, i’m not worried about any loss of freedom or rule of law, we may just hit high levels of cringe