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Little fish can overcome the greatest of odds with the right friends. Слава Україні. Political Cartoon

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u/PonchoHung Jan 25 '23

What do you mean? Humans are historically pretty good with adapting to new food sources.


u/skywalkerze Romania Jan 25 '23

My understanding is that they are already adapted biologically, genetically, to the other food. They just refuse to eat it because of their culture.


u/PonchoHung Jan 25 '23

Human beings generally don't starve themselves because of cultural reasons. I'm sure it's happened, but it's not like a known phenomenon.


u/skywalkerze Romania Jan 26 '23

Alright, they're nothing like humans. Not in any way, shape or form. No sir.


u/Capybarasaregreat Jan 25 '23

They're probably referring to the slow switch to vegetarian/vegan diets.


u/PonchoHung Jan 25 '23

Again not sure you're coming from a factual basis. Per capita meat consumption has gone up drastically in recent history.


u/TheAccountICommentWi Jan 25 '23

Exactly, even though we all know that such a high meat diet is killing us (due to climate change).


u/K_Kingfisher Jan 25 '23

No, we're not. Not like that at least.

Agriculture of any kind (both animals and plants) is only responsible for 11% of greenhouse gases emissions. Even commercial and residential areas are responsible for more, at 13%.

True, every bit helps, but you'd help more by walking or biking rather than driving, instead of reducing meat consumption. Still, why not both?

But then, going from there to claiming that livestock are the worst offenders, is a giant leap.

76% emissions are (on almost equal parts) due to industry, transportation, and production of electricity.