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Little fish can overcome the greatest of odds with the right friends. Слава Україні. Political Cartoon

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u/ShameGuardian Jan 25 '23

Pretty sure it's a reference to the hacker activist group Anonymous, who have performed several cyberattacks against russian media because of the war in Ukraine.


u/XenonBG 🇳🇱 🇷🇸 Jan 25 '23

They are also targeting the Serbian government lately. It's very enjoyable.


u/milutin_miki Serbia Jan 25 '23

I don't think that's really them, just someone pretending. Because AFAIK, everything that they've "leaked" from the Serbian government was public information, accessible through the official websites. And it's nothing important, just some invoices.


u/wiener4hir3 Jan 25 '23

Anyone is an anonymous member if they say they are, that's more or less always been their whole shtick.