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Announcement Gigathread: HBO/Max Harry Potter Series


Want to talk about the new HBO/Max series? We have a megathread for all your general opinions or questions.

There is also a special megathread just for your Fancasting ideas and suggestions.

The original megathread from when the series was first announced is still available and can be found here

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Please keep in mind that Rule 4 prohibits any mention or discussion of JKR's personal views or beliefs. This includes any discussion of boycotts on the show, the reasoning behind them or whether you agree or disagree with them.

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Announcement Megathread: Fancasts for Harry Potter HBO Series


This is the megathread for all of your casting suggestions and ideas for the new HBO/Max Harry Potter series. Who is your dream cast? What do you think of everyone else's dream cast? Discuss it here!

There is a separate megathread here for all your thoughts on the series

Please keep this thread ONLY for casting discussions on the new show. Also please keep in mind that Rule 4 prohibits any mention or discussion of JKR's personal views or beliefs. This includes any discussion of boycotts on the show, the reasoning behind them or whether you agree or disagree with them.

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Discussion Just re-read the books and had a realization. Voldemort and Harry's wand cores might have hinted at their rebirths. Didn’t realize it until now.


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Discussion Foreshadowing of James being an animagi?


It's been af few years since my last reread. I'm reading the PS, Harry's first visit to Ollivanders. I noticed this neat foreshadowing of James' abilities In transfiguration (resulting in him teaching himself how to become an animagi): "'your father, on the other hand, favoured a mahogany wand. Eleven inches. Pliable. A little more power and excellent for transfiguration. Well, I say your father favoured it - it's really the wand that chooses the wizard, of course. '" Don't know if it was posted before, but I thought it was a nice detail!

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Currently Reading What moment that we/Harry didn’t witness would you love to have seen?


Every reread, I just wish I could see Fudge actually ask Dumbledore if he would get Harry to support him at the start of HBP. I’d love to hear Dumbledore say to him ‘you really, honestly think Harry or I would ever support you after every stupid thing you did last year?’

I know Dumbledore would have been more polite than I would like, but even still, I’d want to see Fudge’s stupid face when he’s reminded what an idiot he is…!

Edit: also would love to see Dumbledore’s reaction when Mundungus tells him he abandoned Harry right before he was attacked in OoTP

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Discussion Hogwarts house sorting


I have always assumed each house has roughly the same amount of students in each but after rereading Order of the Phoenix I noticed the sorting hat talks about what Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin look for in their students and then Hufflepuff takes the rest. Do you think that Hufflepuff house is significantly bigger than the rest of the houses?

What house do you think would be the smallest?

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Discussion I find it ironical how the Ministry expells Harry for using underage magic in front of muggles when they themselves sent enchanted letters which read the content loud in front of the Dursleys.

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Fanworks You’re in charge of the official book canon of Harry Potter. What, if any, changes to the story are you making?


Genuine answers only, please. This isn’t a dungbomb post.

As for me, I’ve got a fair few in mind and these are mostly additions.

1) More plot involvement for Ginny in the story. This is a problem in the books, too. Not just the movies. This whole bit is inspired by a moment where Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny are in a room alone in Goblet of Fire and Harry is about to bring up Sirius, and then doesn’t because Ginny’s there. That’s such utter bull; she can be trusted.

1A) Ginny gets to destroy a horcrux. She gets possessed by one and falls in love with another one, but she doesn’t get to destroy one? Meanwhile, Vincent Crabbe of all people gets to destroy one, by accident? That is some malarkey.

If I had to pick one change and only one, this would be it.

1B) Rita Skeeter reveals that Ginny opened the Chamber of Secrets. It’s never made clear how much of that is public knowledge and I’m inclined to think very little of it is in an effort to make sure Ginny isn’t bullied for something that isn’t her fault. But then Skeeter blows that open and all hell breaks loose. This could also prompt Molly Weasley to stop believing what Rita writes and apologize to Hermione early.

1C) I don’t know when the right point to put it is, but I personally want to see the Harry-Ginny relationship properly begin at least a little earlier. I want time for it to exist and we get to see what they’re actually like together before it breaks at the end of HBP, if it even does. (I personally would also like to see her on the Horcrux hunt team in DH but that would require a whole lot of hand-waving and rule-breaking so I’m okay with leaving that behind.)

1D) I really want to know what Ginny’s boggart is. It’s never said in the books. The obvious answer would be Tom Riddle but what I want to see is a dark version of herself.

Related, we frequently hear about her bat-bogey hex, but we never see it in action. That’s some Chekov’s gun denial.

2) I’ve got this whole backstory and redemption arc for Marietta Edgecombe that I’d put in, but that’s my own passion project for the series. (That’s why she’s my flair character.) At the very least, she should have some spoken dialogue. She has none in the books, and I feel like someone who does something as pivotal as out the DA should have some amount of personality or reason why she did it.

3) At least one proper denouement chapter in Deathly Hallows. Every other book in the series has at least one chapter (or significant portion of a chapter, a la Philosopher’s Stone) after the big fight of the book. Deathly Hallows doesn’t, and there are significant loose ends to tie up there. The story just kinda stops and jumps to the epilogue with significant questions about what happened at the end that really ought to be explored. It’s the ending of a grand tale; there should be some falling action.

4) This is one specific moment that as an aspiring writer myself, I can’t believe the author missed this opportunity. After Harry gets Slughorn’s memory in HBP, I want him to run into McGonagall on the way back to Dumbledore’s office. And this time, when she asks what he’s doing, she just accepts his explanation and lets him go to Dumbledore. It’d be a lovely literary mirror of when Harry, Ron, and Hermione try to tell her about the Philosopher’s Stone in the first book and she dismisses them.

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Discussion Trelawney was right about her prediction


When Harry first met Professor Sybill Trelawney, she wasted no time predicting Harry's death, a feat she would repeat through the rest of the year and next, as well as until she's sacked. Funnily enough, putting aside the fact she made the prediction about Voldemort, and the earlier one involving Voldemort's downfall, which led to Harry's parents' deaths (which Harry and Dumbledore attributed as being made only when she went into a trance), she actually predicted Harry would die(which he does in the Forbidden Forest) but she didn't forsee the technicalities. So that's one good reason to not call Trelawney a fraud.


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Discussion Harry's Gringotts Security


I'm not sure if it's just me but I've always had an issue with the Weasleys being able to collect gold from Harry's account without his express permission. They aren't his guardians either so there is no legal reason why they should have access to his vault. Thoughts?

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Question Why don't wizards have better ways of communication?


Owls seem like a lot of work and are not as instant and simple like a phone call/video call.

I am talking about standard ways of communication amongst wizards and not the unusual ones like Serius's mirror or patronuses.

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Discussion What classes would you like to add to Hogwarts curriculum?


If you went to Hogwarts, what are some classes and subjects you would like to learn that doesn't exists in the books? For me, a few interesting ones I came up with are:

- Theory of Magic: Lean how to create spells, understand the limitations and capabilities of each spell, more deep than what we would see in Charms class, that is more pratical.

- Spell Dynamics: Dive into the physics and mechanics of a spell, examining the range, trajectory, and possible variations of spells. Does the distance a spell can reach depend on the spell itself or the wizard casting it?

- Magical Artefacts: How to create and modify existing magical artefacts? What are the main proprieties of ones like time-turners and the sorting hat?

- Alchemy: Explore the intersection between muggle chemical elements and potion-making? Can you mix those two, what would be its effects?

- Healing arts: Learn the basics of how to heal magical and non-magical wounds

- Magical Arts: How can you use magic to create/enhance music and art?

What do you think of my ideas? Do you have any more classes you would also like to add?

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Discussion Ron's attitude towards Harry's sleep talking habit is sweet


I know this is a movie thing but I still found it admirable that Ron would see and hear Harry speak Parseltongue in middle of the night but never freaked out or made Harry feel uncomfortable about it by mentioning it the next day.

For Ron, hearing the Parseltongue cannot be a small thing. He was born and raised in wizarding world where Parseltongue has always been looked down upon as a symbol of dark magic and bad wizards.

To watch your best friend do something so freaky in his sleep in middle of night yet never make him feel embarssed or weird about it is admirable and somewhat sweet.

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Currently Reading Rereading and completely forgot this gem, it’s from GOF and I love Harry’s sassiness in the books.

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Discussion Do you feel Deathly Hallow (book) was rushed?


So the last book is one of my favorite but it's not without flaws. Among other things, Ron speaking parseltongue seemed far-fetched and how the book went directly from Voldemort defeat to the epilogue. Speaking of the epilogue, JK said she barely edited it since she wrote it around 1990 and I clearly felt it was one of her earlier work.

I also know that JK wanted to put some chapters before the epilogue to include what happened to some characters but Bloomsbury didn't feel it was necessary.

Now, being the most anticipated book in the world I wonder if there was some pressure felt before its release? It's always the case for successful series (living up to the expectations) but with HP it was on an another level. So that could explain some aspects of the book that seem rushed for me.

Tell me what you think

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Discussion One of my favourite scenes in the books


There are plenty of moments when Ron and Hermione are the best friends Harry could ask for. We can all name them. Both of them repeatedly risk their lives for Harry, and they often demonstrate their love for him in grand and epic gestures.

But for some reason, out of all of them, this is my favourite example of love:

"‘Hagrid and my aunt and uncle – so who sent these?’

‘I think I know who that one’s from,’ said Ron, going a bit pink and pointing to a very lumpy parcel. ‘My mum. I told her you didn’t expect any presents and – oh, no,’ he groaned, ‘she’s made you a Weasley jumper.’"

Ron is 11 years old here, and he thoughtfully and compassionately wrote to his mom that he does not think that his new friend will have a Christmas present, so he asked her to include him on her Christmas list.

That's all. I just wanted to gush over one of my favourite scenes ever. Harry Potter really, really scored with Ron and Hermione.

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Discussion What's the saddest realisation you've had after rereading/rewatching the HP story?



For me, it's that I can no longer relate to the Trio and their stories, since I'm no longer a child/teen :/

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Currently Reading Think about it

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Hogwarts Legacy/Games Harry Potter on PS1. Has anyone here played it?

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First time player. I had the PC version when I was a kid, a completely different game.

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Discussion What is your stand on house-elfs?


On the one hand slavery is always bad. On the other hand most elfs get depressed if they’re freed. What is your stand on this?

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Discussion I mean..

Thumbnail self.Showerthoughts

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Discussion Harry charging at Ron in to call him a right foul git in the GOF film is one of my favorite moments from the movies.


It’s one of those rare moments where the hot headed, spitfire Harry from the books seems to have leapt off the page, and onto the big screen. It’s not quite on the same level as Harry throwing a badge at Ron’s head, and yelling about how he should try having a scar himself, but it’s something.

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Discussion How do you think Sirius managed to purchase the firebolt as a man on the run?


Logistically, as a convicted murderer, how do you think he was able to get it before sending it to Harry? I mean, I can’t imaging a black dog going to the counter with a bag of galleons…

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Discussion If there was something you could change about either Harry, Ron, or Hermonie what would it be


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Question If phoenix feathers are incredibly rare and sought-after, then where does Ollivander get the phoenix feathers for his wands from?


Sure, we know that Ollivander used two phoenix feathers from the same phoenix - Fawkes - for the wand cores of Harry Potter and Tom Riddle (Lord Voldemort), respectively. However, Ollivander uses three wand cores - dragon heartstring, unicorn hair, and phoenix feather - and other wands besides Harry's and Voldemort's also have phoenix feathers. Where did Ollivander get these feathers from?

Phoenixes are native to Egypt, India, and China, so does Ollivander have to order them? Or does he take a special trip to Egypt, India, and China every year to collect his own phoenix feathers? Assuming that phoenixes have to give their feathers willingly, and Fawkes only gave two feathers, that means he would have to source his feathers from multiple phoenixes, and not just one phoenix.

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Help Harry potter: hogwarts mystery


Hola quería preguntar si alguien sabe como hacer que me aparezca las aventuras especiales porque ya voy en el año 4 capítulo 10 y no me apareció ni una? Gracias