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r/pittsburgh 22h ago

How do I make friends here I did search.

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r/pittsburgh 9h ago

What is this hat that Michael Keaton is wearing?

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Batman wore this Pirates trucker hat with some other logo in the P. Any thoughts?

r/pittsburgh 2h ago

79 North closed at Emsworth


Accident. Not sure if its both ways. Check your maps and penndot cams if you're headed at way

r/pittsburgh 15h ago

Possible lost cat in East Liberty

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Got this cat wandering around my apartment. Didn't seem too afraid of humans around. Looks well fed, doesn't feel like a stray. Anyone might have lost their cat? I'm in East Liberty.

r/pittsburgh 20h ago

Freshly moved to Pittsburgh, here’s my assessment on the driving culture here!

  1. Running red lights

Doesn’t matter if the light turned just turned red - those are still seconds that can and will be used to go.

  1. Take the left before the opposing car goes straight (it’s a race)

People yielding to turn left will take that turn before you go straight at your light so don’t be the loser that lets them win (satire here but still true).

  1. People don’t pay attention at lights for an alarming amount of time and disregard all the honking

I’ve never had to use my horn as often as I do here…and people still won’t go.

  1. Buses will fuck you up

Just don’t even think about it. Don’t want to let them over? Too bad. Try to get in front of them? Over their dead body. This is a bus’ world and we’re just living in it.

  1. Add at least 30+ mph to every speed limit

Speed limit says 35 on the 380? Add 30 to that.

Anything I’m missing? (This is obviously to be funny but it’s still true)

ETA: I’ve fallen behind on the comments but just wanted to add, I freaking love Pittsburgh. I love the boldness of the driving. I love the people. The atmosphere. The culture. Everything! Moving here was the best decision we’ve made in awhile and I’m so thankful for all the banter we got to share here today!! Y’all aren’t bad drivers at all! I mean clearly merging and tunnel driving needs a little refining (😉) but seriously - it’s great here. Your city is incredible and we’re happy to be here!

P.S. fuck lantern flies

r/pittsburgh 14h ago

Judge blocks zoning variance for affordable housing project in Pittsburgh

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r/pittsburgh 20h ago

Anyone else tired of construction companies not putting up a “road closed” sign and then getting mad at you for driving down that road?


I’m mainly referring to Bloomfield, Lawrence, & East Liberty.

r/pittsburgh 17h ago

Back Open for Business!

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New facade, but the same delicious food 😋

r/pittsburgh 13h ago

Took a walk today. Anyone wanna guess where I went?

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Two totally different places, btw.

r/pittsburgh 1d ago

Pittsburgh is losing a great one. Spice Island Tea House in Oakland is a hidden gem with the best pad thai in the universe. I ate there every Friday with my future wife all through college. What a bummer to learn it is shutting down.

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r/pittsburgh 9h ago

Are there really only three regions in world that display fall colors?

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r/pittsburgh 7h ago

Lost Dog in East Pittsburgh

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Hello all, I’ve lost my dog named Zoe on Wednesday, September 27th 2023 around 6pm. She’s a silver, tiny, Teacup Yorkie. Please if anyone has seen her, contact me!

r/pittsburgh 20h ago

Raising Cane's to open 3 restaurants in Pittsburgh area

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Oakland - October 10 North Versailles - early November South Fayette - first quarter 2024

r/pittsburgh 23h ago

Duquesne Light employees authorize strike

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r/pittsburgh 20h ago

Would a Dog-Friendly Cafe be welcomed in the city?


I have been planning to start a small fresh dog food shop and dog-friendly cafe somewhere around the city.... but I am wondering if it may be something people would enjoy or not.

It would be a dog-human hybrid atmosphere where people can order sandwiches, comfort foods, etc. and their dog could have a pick at a variety of specialty dog-friendly meals on the same menu.... and the meals would be human grade, so if you wanted to eat the same thing as your dog... you could? Lol .

I know there are some places that allow dogs, but this would be a place where people could come with their dogs, have a private seating area. And enjoy a meal with their dog.

Or, an outdoor area where there is a dog park and people could enjoy a meal with their dogs or near their dogs.

Any thoughts? Am I crazy? 🤪

r/pittsburgh 16m ago

Best mechanic in the city?


I'm looking to get my car inspected and may need some tires and such. Any recommendations for someone trustworthy that won't cost an arm and a leg?

r/pittsburgh 15h ago

My man just serving his community !!

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r/pittsburgh 9h ago

Transfering from ccac to competitive colleges


Transfering from ccac to competitive colleges

I am a highschool student atm and I was wondering if it is possible to transfer from CCAC to college like umich, gerigia tech, unc, cornell, upenn,cmu, ect. For cs or stem in general.

How common is it? Like how many people a year end up doing this. I imagine it is small but still heard of right?

If f anyone has done it do you have any advice.

r/pittsburgh 18h ago

Emergency Carpenter

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As the title suggests, we are in a total bind. We have a mason onsite right now rebuilding our front porch columns and upon jacking up the porch, discovered that our header beams are completely rotted and disintegrated to the point where he cannot drop the porch back down.

Anyone know of a flexible, affordable carpenter willing to take on an emergency job? Any recommendations welcome!

r/pittsburgh 10h ago

PJ McArdle speed bump is gone!


That's all. One less unintentional speed bump on the roads.

r/pittsburgh 20h ago

Shadyside's Nakwon Garden reopening today.

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r/pittsburgh 22h ago

U.S. Cities With the Most Playgrounds per Capita

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r/pittsburgh 1d ago

Who were the protesters walking in the street downtown last night?


Last night around 8pm I was driving home to my apartment when I came upon a big group of people walking slowly down the street past Brooks Brothers and The Duquesne Club on 6th Avenue. There were some police motorcycles protecting them. I had to detour around them and never got to see the front of the group w the signs etc. Just curious if anyone else saw this and knows what it was about. Blocking off streets at 8pm on a Tuesday seemed pretty weird to me.

r/pittsburgh 8h ago

Whole house repointing


Can anyone recommend a company that can repoint my entire house. The house is two stories and 1200sq ft. Anyone every have this type of work done… If so how much ballpark did it run you?

r/pittsburgh 13h ago

Best place to donate plasma?


Where's the best place to donate plasma in PGH y'all ?

r/pittsburgh 9h ago

Favorite sites/streets/ambling destinations in the Mexican War Streets?


Hey all, I’m planning to show a few out of town guests around the MWS, both as a means to the end of Randyland and the Mattress Factory and because it’s gorgeous. Sadly, my knowledge of the area is a bit limited—any must-sees beyond the two destinations or particularly pretty streets?