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Girlfriends coworker caught this one on the way to work

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Unpopular in General Regardless of stance of abortion, it’s extremely difficult to respect the pro-choice crowd


I’m not here to argue the merits of abortion , but the premise and reality of the pro choice argument is rooted on the premise of personal irresponsibility.

Before I start, the operating premise is most abortions are the result of consensual, non-medically necessary sex.

Multiple sources corroborate these claims

The general reasons tend to be timing or inability to care for a child

With that being said, if you’re a consenting adult, and cannot grasp the concept that you could get pregnant during sex— and there’s still debate at when life forms —it’s not unfair to not respect the argument or movement that stems from pro-choice.

That ultimately what the action boils down to. There’s always a possibility of pregnancy even with contraceptives, and it’s not unfair to say that most pro-choice or people who have had abortions are trying to get out of the consequences of their actions.

So why should I respect people who cannot be responsible? And for some reason, anytime this opinion is mentioned, you’re automatically branded a sexist or incel.

But how is it sexist or incel like to point out these consensual actions result in termination of pregnancy? Is that NOT the case? And if so, why is it hateful to not respect people who cannot be smart or proactive in their actions?

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The way the hot glue drizzles on my art piece

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If you ever feel useless.

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Is anyone else dreading a UCP win tonight?


It’s going to be 4 more years of the left whining on here 😩😂

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Discussion What’s up with the player base?


New to Diablo franchise and I’ve enjoyed the open beta so much that I pre ordered the game. Can’t help but notice just how much whining there is in this community. Y’all okay? Lol

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Unpopular in General Leftists actions are a problem worldwide - not just in America


As Polish, I saw the rise of lefist activist policies in Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, everywhere in europe.

The only part where the left have failed to push their idiocies were countries that were a part of the iron courtain bloc. (they failed at my country too and thank god such people are a minority, as they should be)

Some may think that leftist rainbow radicalism is just an American issue but thats not true. It affects the whole western world. Whatever left tries in USA, if it works, they will try in all the countries that are part of NATO.

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Eastern Kentucky land $1000/acre no building permits required. Water everywhere!

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Review Punishing grey raven is the most fun gacha ive played


while everyone is playing aether gazer i finally started to actually get into PGR. i had the game since it launched globally but never really "played" it outside of doing summons and a few missions every other day. but after seeing the famous alpha bury the light video and with the announcement of the pc client i finally decided to jump in

Im enjoying the game alot so far. it almost feels like a normal action game sometimes. PGR is a rare gacha in which i actually have to really focus on average combat. in most other gachas you just put on auto and you win for most of the content but with pgr im damn near fighting for me life with some of the bosses, modes, and some story stages.

all the characters ive used so far are genuinely enjoyable. my main gripe with honkai impact was how alot of the older characters where not fun to play to me at all. and the game would usually force me to use those characters in story. in PGR i find that even A rank constructs are a blast to play and almost feel like s rank ones lol.

PGR also makes me want to get better at the game in a way no other gacha has. like i genuinely want to master the combat and style on bosses and what not. it reminds me on how i feel about devil may cry and bayonetta. i actually want to increase my skilll level in the game.

i also adore the character designs. one that i have to give a shoutout to is Qu. she looks so badass

one gripe i have so far though is that the stamina system is kinda beating my ass. i have no problem grinding for hours but i really cant when i gotta be stingy with my serum usage. im sure that would probably go away later down the line.

im on chapter 8 and the story is meh so far but i heard it gets better at around this point.

So ya this may be a honeymoon phase but if i get tired after putting alot of hours in it having fun then i think it would be worth it in the end. also REALLY looking forward to some of the new characters because from looking at gameplay videos, they all seem cracked.

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Cruz condemns sweeping anti-gay Uganda law as ‘horrific’ and ‘wrong’


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Meme Pridemon

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Opinion Piece Rex Murphy: Jagmeet Singh just can't stop protecting Trudeau


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Ray__C | NoPixel RUST is a perfectly functioning gang


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Personal Write In 10 years ago I was rumored to have killed my boyfriend. I left and created a new life and a new me, but the dead boyfriend's brother wants me to tell my husband about everything.


When I (27f) was a sophomore in hs, I met Theo, then a junior. We quickly became very close and started dating, however, he had lots of personal issues and trauma which caused him to develop a bad relationship with drugs. He became rather abusive when under the influence and was overall not in a healthy place, which along with other things caused us to break up after about a year. We dated on and off until he went to college, but things were becoming even more toxic, and his family was starting to be abusive to me because they blamed me for his mental health and drug problems. Fall of my senior year theo came home during a major rough patch. We hung out all night, going all over town and back to all the places we used to go while dating. We eventually went to this one beach and started swimming, late that night/early morning.

As we were swimming, the water became rough and waves started separating theo and me. Theo got dragged under and when I eventually found him, he was lying on the beach with blood all over. I freaked out, called 911, and he was pronounced dead. His death was ruled an accident, but his parents, dad especially, started accusing me of causing his death. It started as just saying that I was the reason for all his drug use which made him weak in the water, but by the time I left they were outright saying I murdered him. His father is a very successful and wealthy businessman who never approved of me, but after Theo's death I was genuinely afraid of him and decided to leave. I moved across the country and started a new life with a new me.

Fast forward 10 years, and I'm now back in my hometown with my husband for his job. My husband Matt (29m) and I just got married 6 months ago and a few months later his job relocated us to my hometown. During our first month here, I met his coworkers and realized he was working with Theo's older brother Henry. Henry was the only family member of Theo's who he was actually close with so I spent a lot of time with him and Henry and I actually became close, but after Theo's death their dad forced Henry away from me. Henry was apprehensive of me, and when we got to talking, he realized that my husband doesn't know about Theo at all. Henry got very upset at this and while he promised he wouldn't tell my husband, he said he was very disappointed in me and said that I'm disrespecting Theo's memory by pretending he doesn't exist. I obviously will forever miss theo, but I've finally moved on and created a life for myself where i was happy and not "that girl who killed her boyfriend". Is it selfish of me to not want to ruin that and just keep that chapter of my life private?

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Discussion still pissed draymond couldn’t keep his hands to himself smh


just watched games 4-6 highlights of the finals last year… that shit might be the downfall of this whole thing.

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I dodged the raw veganism bullet! 💃🍉


I am doing a little happy dance right now, to celebrate. Because I dodged the raw veganism bullet!! 💃💃

I am relieved and overjoyed, because I did not fall prey to the woo.

By avoiding raw veganism and choosing instead a balanced vegan diet (a mix of cooked & raw foods), my life will be healthier, cheaper and WAY more convenient. It's also now more likely that my diet will be sustainable, not needing to quit after a few years due to health concerns or financial hardship.

I'm so happy, because I ALMOST fell for it. Almost.

It was thanks to some sensible people like The Unnatural Vegan who dropped some truth bombs on raw veganism. As a result I ran far away, and fast!


TLDR: I was tempted to choose the path of raw veganism advocated by FullyRawKristina, but I saw through her like glass! Doing a happy dance right now. 💃

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Opinion Piece Jamie Sarkonak: David Johnston attacked media for not pushing pro-Liberal narrative


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Man jumping from a cliff into a pool

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Video Review Beware the ASUS ROG Ally Reviews


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Question What local company sells pride merch?


I know I can find merch in most big stores, including Walmart and Shoppers, but I also know there was someone in town who made really cool stickers and buttons, and I would rather support them. Does anyone know if this person is still in business and where I could find them? Thanks!

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It's just another streaming platform.

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Discussion Diablo4 reviews out in 15 hrs, what scores do u think it will get?


Diablo 4 reviews out in 15 hrs., what scores do u think it will get? I am going to guess 8 and 9's. Maybe some perfect scores but not a lot.

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Typing Games: Beat This Game and Win $1000


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Others There are a lot of Indians in my grad program.


Any tips in particular on how to become friends with them? Also is the high influx because of H1B visas?

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Question I don't get the concerns over "wear and tear"...


EDIT: The fact that nearly every post in disagreement says "well what about this thing that ISN'T wear and tear" kind of proves my point... 😂

My vehicle just passed the 200,000 miles mark.

If I earned just $1 per mile for every mile on my vehicle, I would have made $200,000. (Obviously most those miles are personal, I'm making a point here)

Basic maintenance like tires, oil changes, and minor repairs will subtract a few thousands from that amount. But it is still a huge amount of profit. FAR more than the car is worth.

So if you are making 10x the value of the car, even when accepting $1 per mile, explain to me why I should even care about "wear and tear." It seems totally irrelevant.

The long-term profit margin from delivery will always massively outpace the wear and tear costs on your vehicle, even if you take really shitty orders. (Assuming you aren't doing delivery in a Lambo)