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Started listenin to his music yesterday. So far I peeped Operation: Doomsday and the Doomsday and MF EP. So far my approach has been to just listen to it, vibe to the sound and not force catching any bars or stuff like that but doing that later naturally as I relisten to stuff. I really like the sound. My favs rn are Doomsday and Tick, Tock 12" Ver.

While listening to the music is def the core aspect, how do I get more into him/his history and all of the alter egos and lore going on? How much do I need to know about all the cartoon/comic samples or can i just take them at face value?

DOOM just seems so elusive and complicated, almost as if he didn't wan't any normies or whatever you wanna call em getting into his music, so any help is appreciated.

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Help/Support Which mod shows elevation contour lines?


I've been watching City Planner Plays and one of the mods he uses shows elevation contour lines. I checked his mod list on Steam but I can't figure out which one does this. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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AH-1Z Viper and UH-1Y Venom in the PNW

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Discussion Come, come. You must come with us to answer some questions.


Kermit, let's begin. Describe the day you played Berlin!

We rehearsed, and then we walked about. We ate bratwurst and sauerkraut.

That night, at 10:03, were you inside the portrait gallery?

From 10:00 'til 10:04 was when we did the show's encore.

Hm... Frog, we've got our doubts. Can you confirm your hm-whereabouts?

My alley-bi is watertight. The audience saw me sing all night.

Monsieur, we know you did the crime...

I was onstage that whole time! Ask who sang r#Rainbow Connection!

Thank you, Kermit. No more questions.

'Allo... I think it's time for good cop/romantic cop...!

Miss Piggy, you could end up locked inside. Now's your chance to save your hide!

Aha, gentlemen, I did not know it's a crime to steal the show!

Tell us how the art was taken! ...if you want to save your... bacon?

I haven't seen your missing art. All I've stolen is audiences' hearts!

We can give you a plea deal... All you have to do is squeal.

I'm not a thief, I don't know how! All I've ever taken is a bow.

We'll catch the swine that did this job...?

Give up the pig puns, creep! Go jump in a lake, that's my suggestion!

Thank you, Piggy. No more questions.

I think she liked me, ah? I don't think your puns are helping the investigation!

You know... I think they did it.

No, they didn't!

Yes, they did, and we can pin it.

If they did, how did they do it?

If they didn't, how did they didn't?

If they didn't, then it's easy 'cause they simply didn't do it!

If they did it, then I knew it! But we've nothing that can prove it!

Ahem. Oh. 'Scuse me.


Bring in the purple guy with the schnoz.

Do you remember what you did on the night you played Madrid?

I was hit by a raging bull, and rushed offstage to the hospital!

Gonzo, what do you know about a sculpture theft at Madrid's Prado?

I never saw the stolen busts! I spent the night in bed, concussed!

The truth, Gonzo. The clock is tickin'!

If you don't believe me, ask the chicken! Camilla was there, she'll cooperate!

Madame, are you willing to corroborate...?

B-b-bucka, ba-bucka, b'crooow!

Will somebody get this chicken out of here?!

Calm down, Camilla, it's a routine inspection!

Thank you, Gonzo. No more questions.

Let's go, from the start. What do you know about the stolen eart?

I-i didn't know there was a plan!

Your accusation's far out, man!

The chances of us committing a crime are less than .009!

Férndå shürndå gørndå geé! Vürdå chîckéé ån eföørnéé müe!

To help with our investigation, could someone provide a full translation?

Mi-mi-mi-ma-no-a-no-ma-mi-mi-mi: forken-spoonen-cornee-poh.

Wenk! Wenk! Wenk! Wenk! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahahahah... Eh! boom

Uh... I can do an Elvis impression!

Thank you, Muppets. No more questions!

They didn't!

No, they didn't!

There's no way they did the crime!

They couldn't—they're too stupid!

They're not criminal masterminds!

We do not know who did it, but we know who didn't do it!

So we know who didn't do it, yes, we know who didn't do it!

They're incapable of being culpable.

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La derecha ha salido en tromba a defender a Roig y a Mercadona aludiendo que no hay datos que sostengan que la empresa esté aprovechando la crisis inflacionaria para elevar precios y hacer más beneficios. Pero sí los hay; pasen y vean...

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Question Are Peach and Daisy good characters?


I havent seen a lot of posts about them here and Ive never had a praaticularly bad match against them. Nothing about their movesets screams broken yet I always see them rank quite highly. If any Peach/Daisy mains could maybe explain it to me Id be pretty grateful, as I dont find a lot of opinions about them.

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Hexmark destroyer secret mvp (Boatding actions)


So hear me out, a hexmark destroyer can be your warlord and you can have an addition hq of a cryptek according to the boarding actions builder rules. Hexmark Destroyers always overwatch on 2+ and any kills with a pistol will generate an additional attack with a pistol (specifically this says to choose one) could be the trademark weapon pistol shooting again. set him up on a mid objective or a space that is gonna have lots of fighting or movement through it (you could use dimensional transportation to help with this) and set him to defend. when he activates to fire overwatch kill a couple models with the 6 shots hitting on 2s most likely wounding on 3s (strength 6 or 7 vs mostly t3-5 bodies) and every kill let's you fire again but this could be a fire on another squad because it doesn't specify that you need to fire into the same target and choose the trademark pistol to fire all of the extra shots. Boom congrats on one overwatch you have wiped 1-2 squads of just about anything and then on your turn you activate and fire again wait to get charged and do it again with the strategem. seems super busted to me!

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Sharing My Ink Adding my chest Piece. Please let me know what you guys think(it’s unfinished due to rushing it while on leave)

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OC Wyoming exists. (I am currently not getting held at gunpoint by special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation)

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Zanimljivo | Interesting ‘Iz reda nisam izišla ni zbog ljubavi, ni zbog svađe u crkvi‘: Bernardica Juretić iskreno o braku, politici, bolesti

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Need Help! Why dose blender affect 100% my CPU and 10/15% my GPU when I asked him to render on GPU?

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Border Travel



Does anyone have any experience crossing the border from Thailand? I'm wondering if it's possible to process the visa then and there, rather than go through the online process?

Many thanks!

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Potential Bug I can't hit for weakness. It's happened multiple times with different decks unless I'm missing something

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Pics/Videos 21 para SF operative with new Indian Armor high-cut helmet (also used by MARCOS)

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If you thought Amit ji stopped at Rekha, you thought wrong

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Dragon's Dogma Please rent my demon pawn (Switch)

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Hey guys would love it if somebody could rent my pawn so he can gain some knowledge and RC. It's my first runthrough of the game on Switch and I am determined to beat it this time.

If you are feeling kind some cursed armor or weapons to cleanse would be appreciated.

Oh... and my crappy eyes can't tell if those are 0s or Os on the ID.

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Art Chibi birthday arts are the best! UwU (Hoyoverse)

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Is it fine if i promote my discord server here


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DeepAI Carnival of Venice Pikachu Mask

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The latest video screams…

  1. Rehearsed script of Taina’s name fan club
  2. Weird reiterations of how they all love each others company
  3. Tension alopecia alert and poorly dyed hair (sorry where are the hairdressing qualifications, I don’t believe it!!)
  4. Parading her body and dramatic unhealthy weight loss (trafficking?)

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Trigger Warning || Brief mention of SA, violence, and others Help with a trauma memory


Hey, in all honesty I'm pretty nervous to be posting about this. I'm still new to recovering any sort of trauma but I felt the need to ask this here because this is such a bizarre experience.

So, A couple of months ago I was told by one of my alters that we had experienced CSA. I didn't believe them, in fact I was freaking out because as far as I was aware I hadn't had any extreme trauma like that. I'd never had adverse reactions to anything sexual in nature (other than shame for feeling it which I assume was ingrained in the religion I was in until I was 11) and nothing to allude to the possibility of it. Yet somehow, it was there.

I started digging deeper, and through a lot of trial and error I've managed to recover a good chunk of the memory from a trauma holder. Let's just say that I'm scared of it. I've had plenty of anxiety spirals and extreme emotional reactions to small stressors but never symptoms of trauma that could justify this memory (as far as I can remember). It's concerning how little this affects me and makes me think I'm faking being traumatized on some level, and that the memory isn't real, but the trauma holder is scared of what happened to the point it causes some pretty severe anxiety and heavy emotions whenever it's brought up.

I'm mainly coming here to ask if this is even possible and why a trauma memory would work this way. I'm frankly still partially on the side of my overactive imagination making this up to make me feel more valid as a system, but I dunno, the emotions from the trauma holder make me think otherwise. What do I do about this memory? I do plan on bringing this up in therapy in the near future as well.

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Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 3383 8634 5616!

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Not My Art kris cosplaying as kurapika (@GOOMYLOID)

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NAC OSCE: Everything You Need to Know

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Should I sell or keep

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Got a Royal Selangor boba fett in my shops stock but undiced wether to keep it for myself, what would you do?