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Police ask for public’s help in identifying 'rowdy' crowd suspected in Morristown church vandalism probe


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Discussion [LTR] Witch-King of Angmar


The Witch-King of Angmar Legendary Creature - Wraith Noble


Whenever one or more creatures deal combat damage to you, each opponent sacrifices a creature that dealt combat damage to you this turn. The Ring tempts you.

Discard a card: Witch-king of Angmar gains indestructible until end of turn. Tap it.

5/3 —-

What do you all think? This looks like a really fun commander that can play around with sacrifice/control themes. Not sure if it’s strong enough to play with at the helm, but I really want to build it.

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Unsolved Intriguing, possibly cursed dog?


Looking for any information about this extremely magnetic painting. I saw it last week on the Goodwill Auction site and could not stop thinking about it. On a whim, made a bunch of bids, won it and picked it up this morning.

It’s paint on fabric that is soft (but not velvet or canvas). It’s signed “Delgado” or “Delgodo” in the lower right corner. No markings on the back, frame is rough and almost looks hand-carved.

The colors are very vibrant irl and I’m not joking, this painting has energy. I reverse image searched the painting and signature but turned up nothing.

A friend recommended posting here; I’m very curious about the artist, what the subject matter even is (dog??) or even just general impressions. Also I know nothing about art and appreciate any info/education you can offer!

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Question/Help Is this a cycled tank?

Post image

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Partscaster update!


Wanted to do an update on the partscaster project I had posted a week or so ago. Couple changes, decided to go gold pick guard instead of keeping the white, it’s essentially all put together now I’m just waiting on tuners. Decided to order fender locking tuners so I don’t have to drill holes for the vintage ones. Personally I think the red and gold looks great.

Does anyone have experience on nut upgrades for player strats? I have a graphtec one that could be put in but I’m just wondering if it actually makes a noticeable difference in terms of tone or tuning stability

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It’s hard to imagine that 700 years ago there was not a single spicey curry in india.


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FF VIII I always laugh at this point...


...because I think Dr. Kadowaki is blind or living on another planet.

But Squall is LITERALLY every day with at least a girl!

Squall is literally every day surrounded by girls... since that day in the infirmary when Dr. Kadowaki calls Quistis to get him.

- He walks outside of the infirmary with Quistis
- He walks around with Selphie to show her the Garden (optional, but possible)
- He goes to the Fire Cavern with Quistis
- He goes to the Garden Festival with Selphie (they go together after he wears the SeeD uniform)
- He dances with an unknown girl
- He is reached by Quistis on the balcony after the dance
- He goes to the secret zone with Quistis
- He often meets Ellone around the Garden
- He walks around often with Rinoa after coming back from Galbadia
- He finally goes to Selphie's concert with Rinoa again
(He also can challenge 4 girls of CC Group)

The only way to see him walking around without girls is to send all the girls to the missile base!!
Lucky you, Squall!

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Question Is this an accepted pet carrier?

Post image

Traveling domestically (US) with my cat soon. The combined weight of the carrier and my cat is less than 15 lbs and the dimensions are as per on AA website. I have a digital copy of her rabies vaccinations but don't have a health cert (I called last night to confirm that it's not needed).

I want to double check if this type of soft-sided carrier is allowed? I read horror stories about cat being denied boarding and I want to come 4 hours early to the airport in case this happens but I also don't want to unnecessarily make my cat wait too long.

Appreciate your help, thank you. This is our first time flying together so I'm terribly anxious!

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Research [R] In-Market Commercial testing


Hello all! I could use some help trying to solve a question from work.

"Why" Context: I work in Market Research, exclusively in Brand Health. Our ad research team had 2 Mat Leaves and a resignation all within a month, and I've volunteered myself to help out (just tryna climb the ladder and make an impression). Overall, I've understood the scope of the work handed to me, but one question came out of a recent presentation that I am trying to figure out how best to solve. My brain is in a pretzel amidst the mountain of work I have right now.

"What" Context: The team runs pre-testing of ads from Vendor A before they go into the market, and the ads score based on a number of metrics. For this example, let's use "Enjoyment" as the metric. This is survey research, and the data is presented as a Percentile based to a norm owned by the vendor. result. Example Below:

Ad 1: 64

Ad 2: 45

Ad 3: 71

Ad 4: 55

Vendor B provides in-market metrics, and the closest comp metric is "Likability" represented as Top 2 Box Percentages. I have metrics for the first month, mid-flight, and cumulative time the ad was in the field.

Ad 1: 1st month: 64% mid-flight: 70% Cumulative: 66%

Ad 2: 1st month: 62% mid-flight: 50% Cumulative: 57%

Ad 3: 1st month: 56% mid-flight: 78% Cumulative: 66%

Ad 4: 1st month: 60% mid-flight: 70% Cumulative: 72%

My task is to see if the metrics from the pre-testing phase are predictive of what we see in-market. So, in this example, is Enjoyment a good predictor of Likeability? Should I create some sort of rank-order, or some kind of index that I can then sort? I don't have any tools outside of excel. All of the data above is made-up and for example purposes; but I have each ad in a row and the pre-test metrics in columns, and the in-market metrics in other columns. Just hoping the wizards of Reddit have some ideas for how I can attack this without boiling the ocean. Any suggestions?

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Секрет, который вы храните


Какой свой самый большой секрет вы храните? Если он оказал влияние на вашу жизнь, то какое?

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My brother did a deathless run with Crimson Fury. I figured you guys would enjoy it.


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If I make a spreadsheet, will it change any of the expenses?

Drawing it out only seems to bring the issues to the forefront.

Im not so sure, now. I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.

You know, but it's too much for me, maybe. You're fine alone. I'm not.

Too much money to spend on being alone.

Too much, how much can I save if it's all going towards being with you?

What about me? What about what I want?

I want to tear my chest and life open and have it spread out neatly in front of me, an instruction manual for everyone to read.

I want to go places.

I want to meet people.

I want to make friends, love more.

Is it a really a freedom if my freedom means that I can't afford to go anywhere else...

($790 x 2) - $800 - $400 = $380

  • Utilities, internet, car, emergencies, medical, clothing....

Paycheck to paycheck, whats left for my freedom. My hopes of friends and traveling.

...I don't know.

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Amazon $20.49 (Reg. $40.99) Baby Play Gym Mat


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What breed could this be?

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56 Miles Later...

Thumbnail gallery

Picked up my 23' AT this morning after an extremely long wait (7 months since order was placed). Brand new, had 4 miles on it. Took it out for a short stroll around town, was merging into a turning lane and BANG goes the passenger side front tire. I apparently hit a pothole although I never saw anything on the road. A few seconds later I've got zero PSI and upon further inspection I realized the sidewall was totally blown out. Thank god the rim is okay, but absolutely sucks having to get it towed (why don't they put spares in cars anymore??) straight back to the dealership with under 100 miles on it. Will have it back tomorrow with a new tire under warranty, but still absolutely gutted to have to give her back.

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What song/any piece of music sounds better in lower quality?


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Kinda gross but..any advice for strong vaginal b.o.?


It isnt the type indicating an infection, it's the same as the type you get under your underarms. I shower daily, so that isn't the issue. I just sweat a lot with my meds and while working I noticed a b.o. smell wherever I went and later realized it was coming from down there. Any advice? I have a prescription strength antiperspirant I use for my underarms that seems to work well, but would it be safe to use down there (nowhere near the inside bits ofc)?

My underwear is 57% cotton and 38% modal, which is apparently very breathable, so I don't think that's an issue. My only other option clothing-wise is to buy jeans that are less skinny, but that might take a bit. Help?

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it came w 2x the LPs I thought

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Not complaining

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Macabre Postcard


Rather unusual request: I am in Bergen this week but will be moving on Thursday morning. I'd like to send a postcard to one of my friends back home, and think he'd appreciate something gruesome, macabre, viking themed or heavy metal themed, just something less cutesy/touristy than what I'm seeing everywhere.

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QC Keepall 55 - QC Check Please


Anyone have input on QC for this item? Want to know if I should pass or not…

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I keep getting 7y=100 but I think the answer has to be a whole integer


Pre algebra. In the question for system of equations

13x-6y=22 x=y+6

Solve for x and y

I keep getting 7y=100, but dividing the 100 by 7 gives me a number with a decimal :/

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sensiblemoth.com?? I've tried malware/virus remover softwares but they don't work.

Post image

I have tried using Avast One, SpyHunter, and one other remover but I forgot what it is called. None of those worked. It will randomly open the Windows Terminal and then close the chrome window that I have open. That's all it does for some reason.

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Discussion CoH3 console Questions


Does anyone know how to que commands? Like cap multiple points back to back?

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Helping a friend


Hey, my best friend wants to make it big on YouTuber or twitch, please help him out and follow, he is currently live on YouTube. Thank you. If you follow please comment and let me know on here

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L4L C4C Please im so close (not a bot) 🙏


Please i need someone who hasnt done hattrick today 🙏😭😭

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