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If i could live that night again, i would

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u/Pete-zaTime I peacocked your mom. May 30 '23


Maybe i can have those sweet dreams too.

(Dw guys I'm fine, i would never kms since i love myself(I'm a narcissist))


u/Zackyboi1231 "trust me, i am an engineer!" May 30 '23 edited May 30 '23

Hey mate, I hope this won't sound cringey or make you uncomfortable, and you did say you're not depressed and i believe you, but I just wanted to say that,

If you had 1 million fans, I am one of them.

If you had 10 fans, I am one of them.

If you had 1 fan, that fan is me.

If you had 0 fans, I do not exist.

If the whole world is against you, I am against the whole world.

So remember, an idiot like me will always be looking out for ya.


u/Pete-zaTime I peacocked your mom. May 31 '23

Aww that's sweet(a lil bit cringe, sorry), and im not uncomfortable at all, so thanks



u/CobaltCrusader123 May 30 '23 edited May 30 '23

Last night my wife and I kissed and laughed after I came home. Then I woke up alone in my bed, never having been on a date.


u/molpore May 30 '23

Everyday I wake up


u/UselessBoi100 May 30 '23

Then I start to break up


u/Titanus-De_Raptor May 30 '23

Lonely is a man without love


u/Full-Friend-6418 May 31 '23

Where did you got your pfp from? It's cute


u/kamiloss14 May 30 '23

Moon Knight moment


u/cursed_rumor May 31 '23

To a nice hot shower


u/Monsieur_Desinvolte May 31 '23

Tfw you live a happy life with a wife and kids for 10 years but then notice that a lamp looks wrong



u/Not_a_gay_communist May 30 '23

Last dream I had all I did was wake up and sweep the floor then shave. Woke up and was genuinely confused why I still had a beard.


u/Malfuncti0nal May 31 '23

You're still asleep

This is all a dream


u/Greg-theseatreader May 31 '23

God I’m gonna remake all these memes when I wake up and get all the karma


u/Octotitan May 30 '23

Yeah waking up from thoses dreams hurt, the most difficult part is to return to reality and accept that all you just felt was not real


u/DatHyperWolf purpl May 30 '23

my brain on its way to not dream or give me the shittiest dreams in existence


u/Godzila543 May 31 '23

Melatonin time


u/Male-milk May 30 '23

Song - Telephones By Vacations


u/kamiloss14 May 30 '23

My brain deciding whether it will make me dream about befriending people I exist next to without any interaction, attaching me emotionally to them, or if the dream will be about me, Papa Smurf and his men fighting zombies in underground parking lot


u/Cool_Name-idk the guy that tries to fit half life into anything™ May 30 '23

now I wanna see smurfs fighting zombies


u/Milan_Utup Most stupid whenthe user I think May 30 '23

Great choice of gif considering its context


u/MihaiBosBarosHD May 30 '23

My dreams are fucking shit. All of them are about me being in a random location talking to random people I never met about random things that make no sense whatsoever


u/Ender_the_Hunter May 30 '23

You too have realised that the lamp was looking weird


u/upmost5201 May 30 '23

wait, is this an actual scene in breaking bad or is this some other show/movie. because i would've loved to see jesse having a good life. he deserved more.


u/UntaggedContent1 OoOo BLUE May 30 '23

It’s a scene from breaking bad, sadly it’s only a flashback though.


u/slammasam14 May 31 '23

He’s imagining/reminiscing making a wooden box while he’s actually cooking meth for the nazis


u/SZourLemon07 May 30 '23

You're having comprehensible and pleasant dreams? Bro, here's a dream I had last night:

Act 1- Clusterfuck The dream opens and I'm just chillin in my house, and for some fuckin reason, my dad is now Jotaro from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, specifically from part 4. He's also watching a show teaching about sex, and he's calling someone and arguing with them. I also get a call, and at this point, I realize I am now a South Park character. Not any that are known, I just sound like a South Park character. I talk to my friend and whatnot, and then he comes over, and we chill for a bit. Act 2 - WTF I'm outside now, and I'm taking my garbage out. I notice an out-of-place garbage bag, to which my friend tells me that it's a corpse bag that's been left there a while. I shrug it off and approach it. BIG. FUCKING. MISTAKE. As I get near it, I see a cat sitting there, wide-eyed. It's one of those orange cats, and it has bright green eyes. But then, the realization hits me. That cat is the corpse that was in the corpse bag. The cat stares at me, and I jump back out of sheer terror. The cat's eyes follow me, and then the cat begins approaching me. The cat looks disheveled, like it's partially decomposed. The cat then lets out the most horrifying noise I've ever heard, a mix between a meow and a gurgle. I say to myself, "What the fuck?" and run the fuck away. ACT 3 - ????? I am now youtuber and streamer Ludwig, streaming to my fans. A fan sends me a bunch of photos of the zombie cat, to which I say something along the lines of, "Yoo that's fuckin weird yo." As the photos progress, the cat slowly becomes bipedal, until the point where it's standing straight up on its hind legs. In a few of the photos, the cat is bright red, only adding to my confusion. I then say, "Hey chat, which cat are you?" before letting out the typical ludwig laugh, and then it ends. What the fuckedy fuck?


u/TB-252 May 31 '23

I did not need to read this before going to bed


u/Adrunkian May 30 '23

Bro last night i dreamed of a girl i never knew, a type of girl i never knew i could be into but it was so real man, i wanted to marry that creature. Being alone for too long does some shit to your brain


u/Depressed_Lego May 30 '23

I once had a lucid dream but I'm boring so it was just kind of moving through a landscape of random clutter in my brain


u/eating_dicks number 19: mouse in baked beans May 30 '23

The only dream I’ve been sad about after waking up was one where I had a mustache.


u/violence_connoisseur May 31 '23

I had a similar experience when I realized I was lucid the first thing I thought of to do was this for some reason

I literally could’ve done anything but I did this and woke up a minute later


u/Eggs_are_tasty May 30 '23

Me when I dreamt I was transported to the future into a point in my life as an adult where my mother lays on her deathbed and I have to say goodbye (I still feel deep sorrow from that night and it was one of the few times I have woken up crying)


u/Vlad-V2-Vladimir May 30 '23

I hope that death is just like an infinite series of dreams, that way there’s something to look forward to in a few decades.


u/[deleted] May 30 '23

I had a dream that there were bears that you could walk around with and they had a very good grasp for on English and literacy.


u/SunDisco May 30 '23

Meanwhile my dream had a stink bug infestation and a giant wasp that stabbed my arm with a stinger the size of a toothpick


u/Thenosthecollector May 30 '23

My dreams are so different from one to the other, i once was finn from adventure time getting fucking brutalized to death by a spider (i woke up drenched in sweat). Or i could be having a date with my ex and wake up sad as shit


u/Downtown_Cycle_2044 May 30 '23

mine are about gecko ghost detectives are you ok


u/Asumsauce May 31 '23

Is that Breaking Bad?


u/VirtualButt [REDACTED] May 31 '23

I've woken up multiple times crying because my brain (or whatever is responsible for making dreams) concocted either the most fucked up dream or the most heartfelt sad story


u/Xn0ypt May 31 '23

I find this funny cause I either don’t dream have a dream that is literally a normal day or have a nightmare that is the single worst thing my mind could come up with just like it did tonight


u/Bassknight9 May 31 '23

I remember having a dream where I was singing along to the most beautiful song I've ever heard with a bunch of people at a bar, just having a good time while next to a river. When I woke up I knew I will never ever get to experience that happiness ever again.


u/TheMaskedWasp May 31 '23

Sometimes I get dreams of meeting my long lost friend again. Shit fucking hurts, man.


u/seddikiadam14 May 31 '23

Happened to me today


u/PocketSizedRS May 30 '23

I once had a dream that I accidentally walked into a stranger's house because I thought it was a Cafe. A bunch of my old friends randomly walked into the living room while I was apologizing to the homeowner. I suddenly had this overwhelming feeling of connection and that everything was gonna be ok. Then I woke up. Back to day drinking it is, I guess.


u/-Rens May 31 '23

You guys get dreams?


u/GraceStrangerThanYou May 31 '23

Two or three times that I can remember, I've dreamed an entire happy lifetime with a wildly happy relationship. And then I wake up and my heart breaks and I literally mourn for several days.


u/Enough-Engineering41 May 31 '23

Last night I had a dream where Saul Goodman and Homelander were fighting... yeah...


u/Petardo_Dilos May 31 '23

I had a dream where penguins were able to squish themselves and used this ability to hide from walruses they slapped


u/BillyFB_ May 31 '23

last night i had a dream where i was dreaming and i woke up from the dream in the dream then i woke up from the actual dream (true story)


u/4kUltraHD May 31 '23

what's the music name?


u/rm_minus_rf_slash May 31 '23

Man I wish I could remember dreams. Only thing I can ever remember is that I had one and its general vibes.


u/THOTDESTROYR69 May 31 '23

That’s literally just the context of that scene


u/Thebrainsoupwizard epic orange May 31 '23

I had a dream about going to juvie for killing my classmate with one punch.

His mom was being a bitch so i had to do it to em.


u/Thebrainsoupwizard epic orange May 31 '23

I was crying when i woke up too


u/KhalGhoush May 31 '23

I used to have dreams of massive structures, I wish that I could visit them again


u/boomstik4 May 31 '23

Last night I had a dream about being in a war or something, a nuclear bomb being dropped on my town, and then killing my squad mates, idek lmao I woke up like 5 minutes ago


u/KeyOk9206 Jun 02 '23

I give you ounce of kush, I receive one wooden box